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Degrenne releases two new Salam versions

French tableware brand Degrenne has unveiled two brand new interpretations of its iconic teapot

French brand Degreen has created two new lines of its iconic teapot Salam, Salam Colour and Salam Black.

Created in 1957, the Salam teapot is an iconic object that is perfect for tea lovers. It consists of a porcelain body and a stainless steel - or aluminium - pot cover lined with felt to keep the tea warm twice as long as classic teapots, around 2 hours. Tea can therefore offer up all the subtlety of its flavours while drinking.

The first new line of Salam is Salam Colour, with the iconic teapot taking on bronze, amethyst or zinc metal-toned shades. Stylish and festive, Salam Colour makes teatime perfect.

The second line, Salam Black, is dressed in an elegant tuxedo, delivering a matte black look.

About Degrenne
Since 1948, Degrenne has promoted its talent to food professionals and the general public. Through its extensive expertise, the brand has become the leading European cutlery manufacturer and today proposes a complete tableware offer all over the world. The brand is present in 75 countries and there are 25 Degrenne POS.

Photo: Julie Ansiau

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