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Inspired by wood

French silversmiths delivers a nod to cutlery made with traditional wood handles with its new Bambou line

Renowned fro its handmade cutlery lines, French silversmiths Delarboulas has launched its brand new Bambou line, which delivers a nod to cutlery made with traditoinal wooden handles.

The Bambou line testifies to the growing success of the appealing material of wood and is available in a style to suit every mood.

With a natural bamboo handle, this service is perfect for a "natural" table where each setting is unique. The handles in solid silver or gold pewter bring a festive and chic atmosphere to the table, meanwhile. The versions in sold silver combine the classic look of traditional silver cutlery with the singular nature of a designer service.

About Delarboulas
Founded in 1865, the silversmith Delarboulas uses traditional manufacturing methods and excels in pewter work and smelting. It has many hand‐made cutlery lines and can also provide tailor‐made designs. The company, the brand and its staff joined André Verdier in 2012.

About André Verdier
Located near Thiers, Coutellerie André Verdier has been making professional and table knives for 150 years. Combining tradition, design and cutting‐edge techniques, Coutellerie André Verdier markets its products under 3 brand names: André Verdier, Scof and Delarbourlas. The company only manufactures its products in France and generates 4.5 million euros in revenue, of which 50% is in exports.

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