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Craft Potter in demand at Denby

Denby Pottery is looking to recruit a Craft Potter to join its Craftroom and Design Team

Denby Pottery, which has over 200 years of history of producing its famous and distinctively glazed stoneware in Derbyshire, is looking to recruit a Craft Potter to join its Craftroom and Design Team. Denby has placed an advertisement in the current edition of Ceramic Review inviting a Pottery Craftsperson to join the artisans at Denby Pottery.

This is a new and exciting role for a potter to produce limited edition ranges and one off pieces and to demonstrate potting skills to the public. Denby would also like to run a range of pottery classes to teach varying levels of ceramic production, so they are seeking a craftsperson with a high level of professional knowledge and presentation skills.

Richard Eaton, design director says: “This is a really exciting role which will appeal to a ceramic craft and technical specialist who would relish the opportunity to produce distinct craft items for a renowned ceramics brand and who would love to demonstrate their skills to the public and help to develop understanding and skills in others. Following the Pottery Throw Down on BBC 2 there is an increased public awareness and interest in the complexities of handcrafted pottery and a real demand to give visitors the opportunity to try their hand making pottery on a potter’s wheel. This would add a popular attraction for Visitors at Denby Pottery Village.

A pre-requisite for the role would require a specialist in hand throwing but with additional skills in a wide variety of hand building techniques. Denby would prefer a candidate with previous pottery experience but clearly strong craft skills are essential. The post would suit a graduate and/or experienced specialist, with strong hand craft skills and the ability to manage clay preparation, glazing, hand decorating and firing of ‘one off’ and batch production items".

Interested potters are invited to send their CV to and can call Design Director, Richard Eaton on 01773 740700 to discuss the role. The closing date for applicants is 5th May 2017.

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