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Deshoulieres joins Les Jolies Ceramiques

The Jolies Ceramiques group, which owns the Potteries in Luneville and Saint Clement, has bought the Deshoulieres porcelain group

Earlier this year, in June 2016, the Jolies Céramiques group, which already owns the Potteries in Lunéville, Saint Clément, Niderviller as well as the Portieux and Vallerysthal crystal glassworks, bought the Deshoulières porcelain group.

The Deshoulières group was founded in 1826 and has three production sites in Foëcy and Chauvigny, two municipalities located in the western centre of France, and in Le Dorat next to Limoges. 

Each site has its own speciality: the first produces Deshoulières' fine and top of the range porcelain, the second is dedicated to table and culinary porcelain intended for the hotel and catering sector which is marketed under the Apilco brand, and finally, the third is dedicated to manufacturing white Limoges porcelain with capacity of one million units per month.

Porcelain items are shipped from the three sites to more than 50 countries around the world with turnover of €15 million.

Porcelain has now been added to the Jolies Céramiques product line, which was exclusively earthenware up until now. Thanks to this takeover, Deshoulières will be able to benefit from the group's financial capacity to make the investments needed for its business and continue its international development. Indeed, Deshoulières now generates half of its turnover abroad.

About Jolies Céramiques
The Jolies Céramiques company was founded in 1997 by Jean‐Claude Kergoat, and now has different factories which produce quality ceramic products, some of which are more than a hundred years old. The Group works in 3 areas: tableware and ornamental ceramics (with notably the Lunéville, Saint‐Clément and Niderviller potteries and the Deshoulières and Apilco porcelains), ceramics for the building sector and refractory and technical ceramics for the industrial sector.

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