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Duralex extends Picardie colours

The famed Picardie tumbler from Duralex has been given a colourful makeover with six brand-new shades

The famous Picardie tumbler by Duralex goes multi-coloured - this bestseller, sold all over the world since 1954, was already available in three versions - transparent and two solid-dyed colours, navy and amber, but it is now available in six new shades.

To offer these new spring (green, yellow and blue) and autumn (purple, red and grey) colours, Duralex uses a technique that sprays eco-friendly and food-safe organic colours on its tempered and therefore very tough glass products.

Like the other Duralex ranges, these new products are adapted to use in the microwave, freezer and are dishwasher-proof.

These new shades are available for 25 cl Picardie tumblers.

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