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'Poppy' is Fiesta's 2014 colour

The Homer Laughlin China Company, maker of Fiesta Dinnerware made in the USA, is announces its colour of the year

An  orange-­red  hue,  Poppy  is  vaguely  reminiscent  of  the  famed   original  Fiesta  Red  which  was  part  of  the  collection  that  launched  the  Fiesta  brand  in  1936.   

"An injection of 'happy' is something we all look forward to," says colour expert Leatrice Eiseman. "This exuberant Poppy colour tempts your eye as well as your appetite and always brings a smile."

The  source  of  inspiration  for  Poppy,  Red  was  one  of  five  colors  introduced  in  the  launch  of  the  Fiesta  brand  at  the   Pottery  and  Glass  Exhibit  in  Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania,  in  January  1936.  The  other  original  colours  included:  Blue,   Green,  Yellow,  and  Old  Ivory;;  two  years  later,  Turquoise  was  added.

"Poppy is a nod to the original family of Fiesta colours," says Rich Brinkman, VP of sales and marketing for Homer Laughlin. "As we step into a new generation of Fiesta enthusiasts, Poppy is a fresh, modern take on the original Red. It's an amped-up version that complements the vibrant colours seen in fashion and home trends today. Poppy utilises modern material colour development that allows us to bring this vibrant colour to market."

The  new  Poppy easily integrates into the existing range of Fiesta's current colours: Lapis, Black, White, Shamrock, Turquoise,  Peacock,  Cobalt,  Plum,  Scarlet,  Tangerine,  Sunflower,  Ivory,  Lemongrass,  and  Paprika.  Because  only  15   colors  of  Fiesta  will  remain  in  production  at  any  given  time,  as  Poppy  is  introduced,  Flamingo  will  retire  from   production  March  2014. Poppy  brings  about  a  whole  range  of  interesting  on  trend  colour  combinations:    

* Hot  and  Spicy:  Poppy,  Scarlet,  Tangerine,  Sunflower,  Ivory,  Paprika
* Vintage  Kitchen: Poppy,  Turquoise,  Ivory,  Black 
* Gorgeous  Garden:  Poppy,  Plum,  Shamrock  
* There's No Place Like Home: Poppy,  Sunflower,  Black,  White

"Fiesta Dinnerware brings about feelings of nostalgia, family, friendship, and warm memories," says Brinkman. "Millions of Americans can remember sitting around the dinner table with a mix of the vintage and now post 1986 modern colours of Fiesta throughout the good times in their lives. The tradition continues with this new generation as year after year, a following of the Fiesta brand continue to climb. In fact, Fiesta leads the casual dinnerware category in bridal registries."

All standard  dinnerware  pieces  will  be  available  in  Poppy,  including  4-­  and  5-­  piece  sets,  3pc  Square  and  a  variety  of   plates,  platters,  bowls,  mugs,  vases,  the  signature  disk  pitcher,  and  serving  pieces  (sold  separately). 

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