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Fiesta introduces two new colours

Homer Laughlin China Company launches Slate and Sage as its two new shades

The Homer Laughlin China Company, manufacturer of the coourful and iconic Made in America Fiesta Dinnerware, continues the tradition of launching its Fiesta colour of the year during the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, which it did.

However, this year, there was a catch - because instead of introducing just one colour at the show, which was recently held in Chicago, the company introduced two colours of the year - Slate and Sage.

"Fiesta history has always leaned toward a bright fashionable palette. Today's current updates in home fashion add rich Slate grey and accents of Sage green to provide a strong balance and complement to Fiesta's bright colour palette. The current throwback to mid-century modern and vintage styling includes a dominating accent of bright colours combined with cool greys and greens. In today's fashions, these colour combinations do not exist without one another," according to Rich Brinkman, VP of sales and marketing at Homer Laughlin.

"Plus, the addition of Slate and Sage allow Fiesta enthusiasts to now have fun with multiple colour palettes: the more traditional Fiesta all-over-bright colours that you have been seeing in recent years and the new earthy influence intertwined with the bright colours," Brinkman says.

Some examples of how Slate and Sage will work their way into the Fiesta colour spectrum include:

Mid-Century Modern
Primary Colours: Slate, Sage, Ivory or White
Strong Accent Colours: Lapis or Poppy and/or Sunflower

Vintage Kitchen
Primary Colours: Poppy, Turquoise, Ivory, Lemongrass
Strong Accent Colours: Lapis, Sunflower

Sand & Seas
Primary Colours: Turquoise, Lapis, Ivory, Lemongrass
Strong Accent Colours: Slate

Primary Colours: Lapis, Lemongrass, Sunflower
Strong Accent Colours: Plum

"Slate is the quintessential neutral colour, as it is thought of as classic and enduring. It will work with all of the other colours in Fiesta Dinnerware - everything from the most vibrant orange tones to the quietest pastel shades. And even though most people don't think of green as a neutral, if we look to nature for inspiring colour combinations (as we often do), think of all of the colours that work against green foliage similar to this lovely herbal Sage shade. The possibilities are endless and such fun to create!" says colour expert Leatrice Eiseman,.

At any given time, Fiesta Dinnerwarwe has only 15 colours in its spectrum. So, with the addition of Slate and Sage, Black and Peacock will retire. Peacock has been in production since 2005 and Black since 1985, when the Fiesta Dinnerware line was brought back after a hiatus in product from 1969 - 1985.

Standard dinnerware pieces will be available in Slate and Sage, including 4- and 5-piece sets, and a variety of plates, platters, bowls, mugs, and the signature disk pitcher, and serving pieces

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