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Finum goes Apple Green

Award-winning drinkware brand Finum releases its Iced Tea Control in a cool green for summer

Known for designing contemporary and innovative award-winning and patented products in the coffee and tea sector, in particular, Finum has released one of its most innovative products in a new summer colour. Already available with an Amber lid and a Red lid, the portable tea-maker now comes with an Apple Green lid, perfect for summer.

Iced Tea Control 1.8 is a brew-control Tea Maker for loose-leaf tea as well as tea bags and is particularly suitable for preparing iced tea or a juice, making it the ideal jug for a picnic, walk in the park or other outdoor activity.

This robust pitcher should be filled to just below the filter insert with crushed iced (or ice cubes). Insert the filter and add 3-5 teaspoons of tea. Pour in hot water to fill the entire pitcher, place the lid into the filter and let the tea brew. Enjoy your refreshing, fresh iced tea! 

Remember, you don’t have to remove the filter. Just turn the lid clockwise when the tea is strong enough and the brewing process will slow down. No dripping, no waiting; just enjoy nearly 2 liters (six glasses) of delicious ready-to-drink iced tea from just one brew. 

The Ice Tea Control, which is high-quality PC and shockproof, now comes in three colours, including red, amber and the new apple green.

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