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Floating mug is success!

Launched last year, this innovation design has been so successful, new sizes and colours to be launched

Since launching late in 2013, the Floating Mug, a registered design, has had a very successful first year, featuring in many notable publications including the Daily Mail and The New York Times, and sparking conversations around the world.

After a run-in with his wife concerning coffee rings on their furniture, designer Tigere Chiriga was motivated to create a solution that was both elegant and exceptionally functional. Enter the Floating Mug, a porcelain mug with an integrated coaster.

Tigere drew inspiration from a banana-hook stand and came up with a concept that suspends the mug in a way that allows moisture to cling to the bottom of the mug, away from your furniture. This innovation is particularly convenient for those times you forget a coaster is nearby.

The president of sales and operations in Europe, Dumile Ndlovu, notes that new colour designs and a larger 12oz (354ml) version will become available later in the year.

Furthermore, the Floating Mug is only the first in a line of innovative drinkware that Tigere is designing, with the scope of new products to be released, ranging from ceramics to glassware.

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