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New pattern from Denby

New for independent retailers and international customers is Denby’s new tableware collection Fountain

Denby has launched a tableware range especially for UK Independent Retailers and International Customers. In an unprecedented move to support its Independent customers ‘Fountain’ tableware is available exclusively to

‘Fountain’ joins Denby’s ‘Heritage’ portfolio and complements other colour ranges in the collection which have proved to be a major success both in the UK in Denby’s key international markets. Fountain is already selling through very well in Korea.

Produced at Denby’s pottery in Derbyshire the range is accessible. ‘Fountain’ takes its inspiration from the work of St Ives artists and recreates the rich blue nautical hues of the area. There has been a significant increase in the popularity of patterned tableware and ‘Fountain’s’ glossy glaze is enhanced with accent patterned pieces.

‘Fountain’ includes fine details in tribute to its heritage reproduced in contemporary form and also draws on Denby’s special decorative techniques
to create speckle glazes. The artisan mugs have an elegantly scrolled handle recreated from the original Coronation Mug of 1952 which are
comfortable to hold. The same handle is also used on the embossed ridged Jug which is a decorative item in its own right - all of the shapes for the
range were designed by Denby Designer, Thomas Allen.

‘Fountain’ is perfectly at home in a country kitchen and includes a nostalgic 2 pint Mixing Bowl and for a perfect gift opportunity there is
also a Rectangular Plate which is ideal for a small tray.

The ‘Fountain’ range, has all the inherent qualities expected of Denby and is practical and durable for everyday use in the dishwasher, oven,
microwave and freezer.

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