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French flatware collaboration

The French Forge de Laguiole cutlery firm designs The Café Bras table knife in collaboration with, and for, the Soulages Museum restaurant

In May 2014, the Soulages Museum in Rodez (south of France) was inaugurated in the birthplace of the famous French painter and the museum restaurant was entrusted to the three-star Michelin chef Michel Bras who is also from the area.

When it came to designing the restaurant's table knives, the museum called upon French cutlery brand Forge de Laguiole, only a few kilometres away, in collaboration with the head chef's brother, André Bras.

As a tribute to Pierre Soulages' work on black and its reflections which he calls ‘Outrenoir’ or 'beyond black', the handle of the Café Bras table knife has the dark reflections of matt black.

Soft and smooth to the touch, the handle starkly contrasts the brightness of the straight yataghan-style steel blade.

The shape of the blade subtly evokes the brushes used by the artist (the typical stainless steel ring and surround).

With its stainless steel blade and handle made of composite plant fibre, the Café Bras knife is dishwasher-safe.

The Café Bras table knife is also available as a folding knife which comes with a black leather cord.

About Forge de Laguiole
Established in 1987, the Forge de Laguiole cutlery firm has as its philosophy the association of creativity and tradition. It works with many different designers, including Philippe Starck, Andrée Putman, Ora-Ito, Jean-Michel Wilmotte and more. All Forge de Laguiole knives are handcrafted in the village of Laguiole where the knife of the same name was created over 200 years ago. The firm generates around 70% of its revenue in exports.

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