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Fuerstenberg delivers coffee with colour

Fuerstenberg extends its moon-inspired Clair de Lune decor with espresso cups in four stunning shades

Mystical, magical, romantic, and now with accents of colour – the stunning Clair de Lune decor from Fuerstenberg continues the theme that inspired Korean ceramics master Kap-Sun Hwang’s basic Aureole design: the sun and the moon, with the addition of four new espresso cups in rouge, orange, citron and violett.

Thanks to its varied representations of the moon using the colours black and white, and 24-carat gold, Clair de Lune showcases the different phases of the moon, which are mirrored in the raised and apparently weightless Aureole design.

Finishing off a festive dinner, or perhaps on a table set for elegant afternoon coffee – the vibrant rouge, orange, citron and violett hues of these new espresso cups will add an element of surprise and cast a colourful spell over the whole decoratively laid table.

Clair de Lune is the third decor on the Aureole form. The ornamental gold decor Doree by designer and style avant-gardist Peter Kempe is a modern interpretation of historic ornaments – from the elaborate mosaics of antique Greece, the filigree detailing of the Byzantine Empire and all the way to the extravagant finery of the Russian tsars. Coloree uses a firework of colours to invoke the pleasures of the southern table. With his strikingly colourful philodendron leaves, Peter Kempe’s decor is reminiscent of jungles and the Caribbean in amanner typical of Matisse and Gauguin. Lagoon blue set against absinthe, orange combined with a warm chestnut – colour blockings are an invitation for creative combinations.

The new Aureole form and the Clair de Lune, Doree and ColoreE decors are in harmony with the long-standing tradition of Fuerstenberg. With Aureole, Fuestenberg  has created a radiant form, which seems to float weightlessly between timeless Asian porcelain tradition and modern European craftsmanship.

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