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Yong Feng Yuan creates G20 tableware

Auratic’s parent company, Chinese porcelain manufacturer Yong Feng Yuan, creates tableware for official G20 summit held in Hangzhou in September

Tableware brand Auratic’s parent company Yong Feng Yuan Co. Ltd China was honoured to be appointed as the manufacturer of the tableware for the official G20 event, which was held on September 5, 2016 in Hangzhou city, China, and was organized by Madam Peng Li Yuan, the First Lady of China.

The complete tableware collection features 66 individual pieces, with a full set per person equalling some 41 pieces (US$2,800), while the tea sets include 17 pieces (US$600), and traditional Chinese wine sets include 10 pieces. 

The pattern for the tableware, the Lady Turquoia pattern, is inspired by the setting and landscape of Hangzhou, the capital of China in the Nan Song Dynasty (1127-1279). In Hangzhou, there is a mystical lake, the West Lake, which is the symbol of this heritage city. The banquet was held in the 160-year-old Lou Wai Lou restaurant, which sits beside the lake. 

Every detail in the decor is precise and with purpose. Bionic calabash and peach are used to express health and wealth in the Chinese way. Root carving is used as handle and spout. A mountain with a river flowing is used as a chopsticks’ rest and spoon holder. And gold decor makes the full set more rich and delectable. 

The pattern is based on China’s national flower, the Peony, which is drawn the traditional way, and the colour turquoise is based on the colour of the West Lake.

Lady Turquoia is designed to reflect the character of traditional Chinese woman: slightly reduced with a soft curve for an elegant appearance, it is abundant, exquisite, noble. 

Finally, the special unique logo on the back of the tableware is based on the bridge leading to Lou Wai Lou arching over the West Lake. 

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