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Gibson introduces digitally printed decals

Gibson's new decal designs for on its dinnerware take advantage of the vibrant colours now possible with digital printing

Among Gibson’s new product offerings come high quality digitally printed decal dinnerware, which feature decal designs with lively colours that really stand out at the table.

And that's because these new decal designs take advantage of the vibrant colours now possible with digital printing.

Sylvia Hang, Gibson’s product development director who works with factories that do digital printing for ceramic/melamine/plastic tabletop items, explains: "Digital printing allows for richer colours and photo quality detail due to the fact that digital printers can do much higher DPI (dots per inch)."

And while the technology has been around for a while, Sylvia says new production techniques have made it "faster and more efficient", except for more complex curved shapes, where hand application is still the norm.

"In tabletop, use of such high-res decals has mainly been part of the personalisation, gift and holiday markets. One thing is that fully covering a plate with a decal raises the cost quite a bit, and this expense keeps down interest from retailers. While there might be an uptick in interest for digitally printed dinnerware, it does not make up a large volume.

She adds: "Most tabletop digitally printed items that Gibson has are for our licensed products like Coca-Cola and PEANUTS, as well as holiday specific dinnerware. We are working on new designs that take better advantage of the high-res ability of digital painting and carefully watching the market to see if demand increases."

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