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Gien unveils special capsule collection

French brand Gien launches collection of 30 one-of-a-kind vases and tabletop pieces, some of which will be exclusively on display at Bergdorf Goodman this summer

The Faiencerie de Gien is excited to introduce a capsule collection of 30 handcrafted one-of-a-kind tabletop décor, designed by Parisian ceramicist Brigitte de Bazelaire.

The Bazelaire Ceramic Collection has been created by Parisian ceramicist Brigitte de Bazelaire during her residency at the Gien factory, and as a follow-up to Indigo (Gien's fall 2016 tabletop line).

Her designs for both Indigo and the new capsule collection were inspired by one of the brand's oldest archived patterns dating back to the 1830s- Rouen 32, which Brigitte grew up using as her childhood dinnerware.

Various pieces from the collection have been displayed in Gien’s Paris and Belgium stores, and at Harrods in London. Most recently, Bergdorf Goodman has chosen twelve items to be exclusively sold in their Fifth Avenue flagship and featured in a Côte d'Azur themed exhibition on their iconic home floor. The exhibition will open on May 26 and run through August 15, 2017.

The core Indigo collection will also be available on the home floor for purchase at this time, and once the exhibition is over the capsule collection will be sold in-store

This is Brigitte’s second collaboration with the 200-year old faïencerie, though her familiarity with the brand began much earlier, when she was just a child. Her family dinnerware was Rouen 32, a classic Gien pattern. It dates back to the 1800s and encapsulates the brand’s traditional designs, with a well-recognized blue and white color palette and ornate floral motifs.

Armed with both narratives - her own childhood remembrance and Gien’s history as a supplier of bespoke dinner services for the European aristocracy, Brigitte sought to contemporise and pay homage to Rouen 32. She took up residency at the Loire Valley factory in May 2016, and what started as a temporary stay to create Gien’s fall collection, Indigo, became a period of creative experimentation. 

The result is The Bazelaire Ceramic Collection, Gien’s first series of all handcrafted and completely unique tabletop accessories. Among the thirty blue and white pieces are Japanese Potiche vases, Musee vases, a Cremona vase, trevise dishes, eared dishes, platters, candlestick holders and decorative eggs.

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