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Goodfellows to launch new brochure

London-based hospitality specialists Goodfellows to debut brand-new tableware brochure Portfolio no.3

Where do all the sexy plates come from? One place, the plate cave beneath Galvin Bistrot De Luxe, or also known as, The Goodfellows Showroom on Baker Street in London.

Chefs also call this place ‘The Aladdin’s Cave of Ideas’ – a place where chefs, designers and food stylists alike can get really creative.

G & G Goodfellows is a highly creative design and distribution company that offers a truly hands-on service, delivering new and exciting, bespoke food presentation concepts to the UK’s culinary scene.

As well as offering a wide variety of the world’s best branded tableware, kitchen equipment, clothing and machines, Goodfellows also collaborates closely with UK Craft producers for totally unique products.

It is also the perfect place for Goodfellows to launch their new brochure; Portfolio no.3. Full of great new products and amazing food photography by some of the country’s best and leading chefs, this will be their biggest launch yet.

So what can you expect from the mysterious Portfolio 3?

“It’s sexier, trendier and definitely not what you are expecting,” says managing director, Valda Goodfellows.

Copies of Portfolio no.3 will be mailed out to G & G customers from Monday March 7.

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