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Haviland turns architectural

French porcelain brand Haviland presents for Autumn two new porcelain collections both inspired by architecture

Haviland has turned to architecture for inspiration in its latest two collections, both of which have recently debuted.

The Belle Epoque collection is decorated with traditional shapes and designs from the Art Nouveau period. It is particularly inspired by the architecture of the Paris metro entrances, designed by Hector Guimard at the beginning of the 20th century.

The elegant arabesque patterns in this collection are in matt platinum. The plates are decorated with different designs for a subtle and original look, ideal for smart tables.

The Duomo design is inspired by the dome of the Pantheon in Rome. The geometric pattern in this porcelain range evokes the architecture of the 140 stucco box columns that make up the dome of this church built nearly two millennia ago. The Duomo range stands out with its fine lines and elegant platinum finish.

About Haviland
In 1842, David Haviland left the United States for Limoges and opened his porcelain production company. Over time, his business grew and Haviland porcelain can today be found on grand tables throughout Europe and the United States. Great artists including Cocteau, Dali, Jean Duffy, Kandinsky and more recently Alain Thomas and Loet Vanderveen have contributed to Haviland's great success.

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