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Haviland unveils Souffle d'or collection

Porcelain manufacturer Haviland launches a collection inspired by the Solar System

Following its Infini and Hollywood collections, porcelain manufacturer Haviland porcelain manufacturer has launched a brand-new collection, which boasts the usual elegant combination of white porcelain with gold and silver.

Olivia Decaris, the company's artistic director, drew her inspiration from Supernovae, incredibly bright new stars that explode into a multitude of brilliant shards of light. Souffle d’or is a delightful reinterpretation of this quasi-magical interstellar phenomenon.

With this new collection resembling a shower of stars in the infinite night sky, Haviland invites viewers on a voyage through the heavens. This constellation of matt silver and gold bears witness to the know-how and technical skill that have secured Haviland's fame since 1842, and is sure to enchant any table by adding a dreamlike quality, refinement and elegance.

This motif, made up of a mass of tiny lozenges, shimmers on a background of white porcelain, like a symphony of shooting stars. Each has its own partition, thus producing perfect harmonics between matter and motif.

This collection is available as a full dinner service, and items of interior decorating that comes with a gift.

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