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Heritage Collection acquires J.L Coquet

The Heritage Collection Group acquires two French porcelain brands in Limoges - J.L Coquet and Jaune de Chrome

J.L Coquet and Jaune de Chrome are two porcelain manufacturers in Limoges that have been purchased by Heritage Collection, a new industrial group purely dedicated to French and European expertise.

Created in 2014, Heritage Collection is an industrial group whose sole objective is to enter the capital of companies with traditional French and European savoir‐ faire, companies that represent excellence in products for the home and people.

Heritage Collection's ambition is to combine marketing, sales and management resources of the different companies to improve their development, particularly on the international stage. In time, Heritage Collection will enter the capital of a dozen companies who are emblematic of European savoir‐faire.

The group's first two acquisitions were J.L Coquet (Hemispheres collection by J.L Coquet pictured) and Jaune de Chrome. The group has provided 2 million euros in equity to ensure their development. These two companies employ around sixty people and produce over 200,000 porcelain objects a year, all made exclusively in France.

Christian Le Page, the director of J.L Coquet who launched Jaune de Chrome in the 1980s, remains a shareholder in the two companies and will continue to oversee the creative and artistic side of the businesses.

About J.L Coquet
J.L Coquet was created in 1963. The porcelain works were, however, founded in 1824 in Saint‐Léonard‐de‐Noblat on the banks of the River Vienne, a few minutes from Limoges. As well as its collections, J.L Coquet dedicates part of its production to projects tailor‐made for customers. The firm generates around 50% of its revenue overseas.

About Jaune de Chrome

Launched in 1984 by Christian Le Page, then director of J.L Coquet, Jaune de Chrome is known for its unique creations that combine porcelain, enamel and metallic components with surprising decorative effects. Jaune de Chrome generates around 80% of its revenue overseas.

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