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From Hampton Forge brand Argent Orfevres come a number of new and stylish collections that demand to be noticed

For Spring 2015, Hampton Forge is launching collections in each of its four brands in flatware. In addition to its own-brand Signature Collection – think two new casual dining collections – it is launching its fashion brand Skandia’s new collections and its luxury brand Argent Orfevres’ new collections.

Stay on point this season with the new range of fashionable collections from Argent Orfèvres with neutral hues of silver and gold, accentuated with timeless mirror finishes. The new collections offer sophisticated style that can transition effortlessly into each new season.

Belvoir Silver and Rajmahal Gold feature jewellery-inspired, artfully designed handles, while Epigram Silver and Epigram Gold offer a more modern twist on the traditional gem cut.

To contrast with its mirror-finished counterparts, the sleek design of the slate-textured knife handle of Montage provides a departure from the expected and offers a minimalist alternative for those looking to make a subtle design statement. All sets are made of highest-quality 18/10 stainless steel.

Argent Orfèvres brings classic flatware design forward with Hylton flatware (pictured) and matching steak knives. Along with the smooth au courant contours and shape, the mirror finishes are brought to life with dynamic handles made of resin and exotic olivewood. Both steak knives and flatware are available in white iridescent, snakeskin and carbon fiber designs, as well as handsome olivewood, to establish a striking, contemporary design scheme. These flatware and steak knife sets are made for long-lasting use, with highest-quality 18/10 stainless steel.

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