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Zieher launches Ice series

One of German hospitality brand Zieher’s new collections for Spring include plates made of glass chips that looks like ice

Innovation has always been key to the success of German hospitality brand, Zieher, and its latest launch for Spring, set to debut at Ambiente 2016 in February, is no exception.

The absolutely stunning plates of the 'Ice' series are made of glass chips which are coalesced and compressed.

This procedure allows white and transparent materials to form a most charming pattern. The horizontal look of ice floes, paired with the layered structure at the edges, brings to mind an ice plate freshly cut from a frozen, winterly lake.

Bevelled edges provide an elegant look, as well as easy handling. No matter if it is used as an dinner plate or as a sushi plate, for the presentation of
a variety of cheese or the staging of desserts, muted colours combined with a clear structure, create a perfect basis for putting artful creations 
stylishly in the limelight.

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