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illy inspired by art

Coffee brand illy pays homage the Italian artist and art critic Gillo Dorfles with a new collection of artistic cups

illy launches its latest illy Art Collection celebrating the great 105 year old Italian artist and art critic, Gillo Dorfles.

Dorfles’ inspiration for this new collection comes from 1930s fabric designs using the egg oil tempera emulsion technique – an approach used long ago by the great fifteenth-century masters. For Dorfles, they served as a starting point for playful experimentation.

Gillo Dorles and the illy brand share the hometown of Trieste, Italy and illy has always supported emerging talent and embraced expressions of contemporary art.

The Gillo Dorfles illy Art Collection consists of a 4 cup espresso set and 4 cup cappuccino set signed by Dorfles.

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