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New decors for Schoenwald's Allure

At the recently-held Internorga, hospitality tableware provider Schoenwald introduced five new decorations for its Noble China collection, Allure

At this year’s Internorga, Schoenwald's offering was dominated by the new Allure Collection for ambitious international premium dining and hotels. This service captivates with an impressive trinity: the urbane elegance of an extraordinary design vocabulary, a delicate body, and the sublimely soft bone white colour of the innovative hard porcelain body, Noble China.

With Allure, the sophistication of exquisite dishes is perfectly reflected in the exceptional fineness and elegance of the collection, qualities that are further enhanced by the five new décor ideas for Allure that Schoenwald presented at Internorga for the first time:

Eternite: Delicate lines in anthracite
With its delicate anthracite-grey lines, the Eternite décor emphasises the extraordinary filigree nature of the Noble China body and Allure’s faceting
in an elegant, pure way. At the same time, combined with the warm shade of bone white, the classic line decoration onthe faceted shape produces
a superbly modern and smart look.

En Vogue: A modern spin on gold (pictured)
The precious metal décor En Vogue is truly contemporary and its beautifully composed gold spangling offers an ultra-opulent stage for food presentation. The gold speckles have a charming airiness, applied in differing degrees of intensity

Poudre: Delicate pastel shades to mix and match 
Schoenwald picks up on one of the big trends in 2015 with its mix ‘n’ match concept Poudre: delicate pastel powder shades 
– dusky rose (Poudre Rosee); light blue (Poudre Bleue); reed-green (Poudre Verte); Stone-grey (Poudre Verte)

Moulin: Relief decor in white
With its geometrical grid motif that produces a lovely relief quality, MOULIN is a discreetly elegant décor variation. This tactile experience superbly underlines ALLURE’s facets and is available for the flat itemsin the collection.

Sable: A sand-coloured stage
With Sable, Schoenwald presents a broad, sand-coloured all-over décor. The pattern runs across all three facets, its shading offering an inviting, softly flowing
platform for food creations of every culinary style. At the same time, SABLE most effectively accentuates Allure’s unique faceting.

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