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Jansen+Co unveils three collections

From mixed materials to art inspired by the world's leading temples, discover Jansen+Co's three new collections

This autumn, Jansen+co will take us to the cosiest bistros and the world’s most prominent art temples.

Design Director Anouk Magis Jansen is presenting no fewer than three new collections. Splash of Copper and Colour tempts us with candleholders and serving platters in mixed materials. With Loop, they take the time this Autumn to enjoy a cup of tea, just the way it should be done! And, they bring their trip to a close in the world’s most famous museums, with the new My Art Mugs collection. Each mug is inspired by the fantastic use of colours and nuances by modern and contemporary artists.

Splash of copper and colour
Mixed materials are ubiquitous in the new autumn collection of Jansen+co. Candleholders in different formats and fresh colours, combined with copper are a real eye-catcher on the table or in the interior. The trays in copper or pastel shades are the perfect match for the existing collection and an ideal presentation for wondrous meals.

The Loop collection gives us the time to quietly enjoy a delicious coffee, hot chocolate milk or tea. The series has been deliberately designed to bring out the bouquet of tea or coffee even better. The combination of natural tones, which refer to the original colour of clay, and the soft pastel tints ensure a balanced whole.

My Art Mugs
The collection takes us on an inspiring trip around the world’s leading art temples where these works are housed. Inspired by the fantastic use of colours and nuances by modern and contemporary artists. Each mug item from the Art Mugs collection bears the first name of a modern artist.

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