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Sandstone stars from Jars Ceramistes

Traditional French pottery Jars Ceramiste delivers two new functional collections in enamelled sandstone

The Jardin de Maguelone plate collection boasts a gorgeous palette of 12 half-tone enamels: Leek, Artichoke, Green pea, Truffle, Ginger, Pattypan, Verbena, Fennel, Beetroot, Carrot, Marrow and Rosemary.

This collection in enamelled sandstone has a very soft matt finish that develops a natural patina with time and use.

The delicate colours of the Jardin de Maguelone collection go particularly well with the vegetable dishes in the set called La Cueillette.

The decorative bowls and objects in sanded sandstone imitate the shape of different vegetables including pattypan, fennel and cabbage. The bowls are non-porous and therefore protected from impurities. Both collections are dishwasher and microwave-safe.

About Jars Ceramistes
In 1857, Pierre Jars founded the Poterie Jars Manufactures with the aim of combining beauty with utility. From generation to generation, contemporary collections in enamelled sandstone began replacing horticultural pottery. Jars is perpetuating this "handmade" expertise, from making the paste to preparing the enamels and designing the moulds. The firm generates around 75 per cent of its revenue overseas. For more information, email or visit 

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