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Jaune de Chrome introduces new collections

French brand Jaune de Chrome launches three new dinnerware collections fusing different materials

Renowned for its unique designs combining porcelain, enamels and metal components, which deliver surprising material effects, French brand Jaune de Chrome has launched three new collections.

Blue Impression is a poetic collection that takes diners on a Mediterranean journey. Comprising 21 pieces, from conventional plates to dishes and salad bowls, including a caviar cooler, the collection delivers strength yet subtlety.

The Blue Bolero collection (pictured), a set of 16 pieces, including a coffee and tea set, offers timeless and elegant deep blue lines.

Finally, featuring texture and raised patterns, Dune conjures up the mysterious poetry of the sand, as if wind is blowing the sand. The set comes in 39 pieces.

Launched in 1984 by Christian Le Page, CEO of J.L Coquet, the Jaune de Chrome brand offers unique designs combining different materials. 

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