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Jean Dubost reviews codes of Laguiole knife

French knife brand Jean Dubost has reviewed its famed Laguiole knife to unveil the new Stand-Up knife

French cutler Jean Dubost has reviewed the codes of the famous Laguiole knife.

This new page in the history of Laguiole is the fruit of a close partnership with designer Jerome Pouey.

Fluid lines, new perspectives, voluptuous curves, and innovative materials are the key words of the new Stand-Up collection.

With its relatively thick handle, the Stand-Up knife offers two types of presentation: resting flat or on its edge. This last position particularly displays the bee, the emblem of the the Laguiole knife which is here revisited and stylised.

The ABS handle is available in 11 colours.

The full tang blade's satin finish highlights the innovative design of the Stand-Up collection.

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