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Colour comes to Jean Dubost

The French cutlery manufacturer has launched colourful box sets with its Hot Mix line

From French flatware brand Jean Dubost comes bright new colours with the Laguiole Hot Mix line, colourful collections of knives packaged in white Kraft and white foam boxes, which enhance the colours.

For the Laguiole Hot Mix knife range, the box deliver six knives with ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic) handles in bright colours, including orange, red, aubergine, yellow, pink and green.

Using this material means they can be washed in the dishwasher. The stainless steel blade with a full tang is micro‐serrated.

The Hot Mix line is also available as a Hot Set for Cheese with 3 knives: a knife for soft cheese, a cleaver for hard cheese and a butter knife.

The other new design courtesy of Jean Dubost is the Laguiole New Age knife collection. This time, the shiny ABS handle is still black whilst the blade is available in gold, copper or black. The full‐tang blade is also micro‐serrated.

About Jean Dubost

Founded in 1920 by Pierre Dubost and his wife Marcelle Colas Pradel, the cutlery manufacturer that invented the famous Pradel knife originally specialised in professional cutlery products. Established in the Thiers region (central France), the company then developed under the impetus of the founder's son, Jean Dubost, who gave his name to a range of table cutlery and kitchen knives. Today, Alexandre Dubost follows in the footsteps of his father Philippe Dubost, representing the 4th generation of cutlers.

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