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JIA launches Bowl & Chopsticks expo

This August, Taiwan’s leading lifestyle brand JIA invites multi-cultural design teams to showcase their work in the retail channels of Haus Collection across Asia

Inspired by the oldest cookware in China – bowls and chopsticks – leading lifestyle brand in Taiwan, JIA Inc. has designed an exhibition, which will take place in the retail channels of Haus Collection across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

JIA is calling multi-cultural design teams from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Europe and America to come forward and showcase their work that celebrates these Chinese dining tools.

The aim of My Bowl & Chopsticks is to celebrate the rich variety of Chinese dining culture.

Already showcasing is Masayuki Kurokawa, regarded as the Dav Vinci of the Japanese design industry, and cutting-edge Korean designer Seung-Yong Song. Each designer has reinterpreted the classic Asian dining essentials. Kurokawa delivers two designs: the first (Fudo), an exquisite bone china bowl demonstrating the subtlety of the Asian bowl, paired with ebony chopsticks; the second (Fudo Urushi Lacquer), a handcrafted limited edition version created of sturdy Japanese cherry birch and applied evenly with smooth natural colour lacquer.

Seung-Yong Song, meanwhile, has created Kkini, a stoneware bowl with bamboo lid and bamboo and brass chopsticks.

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