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JIA wins Good Design Award

An outstanding breakthrough on the hand drip coffee market, the world’s first Double-Layer Ceramic Filter Cup for Hand-Drip Coffee from JIA secures Japan Good Design Award 2017

JIA Inc.'s Hand-Drip Coffee product line, including the World’s First Double-Layer Ceramic Filter Cup for Hand-Drip Coffee, has secured the 2017 Japan Good Design Award.

Coffee is more popular than ever in Asia, having already left an indelible impact on the region. The new possibilities in taste and design that this obsession has opened up are nowhere clearer than in the hand-drip coffee market. 

Design-driven homeware brand JIA Inc. has launched a new line of hand-drip coffee products, which unites the western pleasure of coffee with the charm and spirit of eastern tea culture. 

The world's first double-layer ceramic filter cup gives users easy control over water temperature for a perfectly brewed coffee every time. The shape, material, holes and rib frame of the cup all affect the coffee's extraction speed and the water's temperature. The ceramic filter cups boast the best insulation, meaning they can most effectively maintain water temperature during the brewing process. 

But even these are outperformed by JIA Inc.'s world-first double-layer ceramic filter cup design, which not only boasts superior temperature control and heat protection but also protects hands from heat.

To suit the needs and tastes of individual hand-drip coffee lovers, JIA Inc.'s Hand-Drip Coffee line offers two choices of double-layer ceramic filter cups: wave style and cone style. The wave filter cup ensures a stable coffee-extraction process with high fault tolerance, making it ideal for those just starting out in drip brewing. It also allows the original flavour of the beans to come out, be they a dark or light roast. By contrast, the cone filter cup, with its specially designed ribbed frames that create an air gap between the paper and the cup, allows greater air flow during the extraction process. This yields a three-dimensional diversion effect and a faster water flow. The higher acid content that results makes for a smoother, fuller and more aromatic cup of coffee.

This dripper sit designed exclusively for JIA Inc.'s ceramic filter cup matches a glass bottom with a stylish bamboo ring. Once brewing is done, simply place the filter cup on the dripper sit to prevent any drips or spills. 

And the functionality doesn't end there – the bamboo ring can be used in combination with various other pots and cups. The elegant glass server is made of heat-resistant mouth-blown glass and ensures a crystal clear view of the coffee's colour and volume. In addition, its arc makes it easy to precisely rotate and shake the server to get your coffee just the way you like it. The ingenious handle was inspired by those of the kettles used in traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. It provides insulation as well as a comfortable ergonomic design. This attention to detail extends even to the server's volume markings, which are placed in consideration of the holder's viewing angle. 

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