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JIA extend product offering

The Chinese lifestyle brand moves beyond dinnerware and kitchenware offering decorative tabletop objects with the launch of the Aroma Collection

JIA in Chinese means 'Home' and it implies a collective memory of happiness. It can transcend the memory imprint of the taste buds. The ambience, the memory, the comfort and the sentimental meaning of home can enhance the five senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight and fully describe the genuine meaning of home.

The Song Dynasty was a cultural rich period in Chinese history and incense burning, flower arranging, tea brewing and painting hanging were the favorite pastimes of the era for the literati. The art of burning incense in China is an art of elegant living. Nowadays it is a modern day penchant to savor, admire and appreciate fragrance. Derived from the Chinese mythology 'Numa' and the greatest love story in Chinese literature (Dream of the Red Chamber) the new aroma collection is inspired by the architecture in the “The Grand View Garden” depicted in the story and the five senses of the human body.

JIA has launched two luxury tabletop home fragrance options created from luxurious materials, from marble and glass to brass and wood.

Hidden Fragrance
The greatest love story in Chinese culture, 'Dream of the Red Chamber' inspires the design of hidden fragrance. In the story one particular place called the Hengwu Court is designed to explore the sense of smell with neutral colors and minimal backdrops. The sense of smell intensifies with the help of exotic plants in full bloom. Hidden fragrance is designed based on the similar concept as the Hengwu Court. The sense of smell will strengthen while blindfold or without the interference of the visual.

Cold-Air Diffuser

No water needed, no heating or flame required, this is the safest and the most practical essential oil diffuser. The legend has it that in Chinese mythology Nuwa is the guardian of Heaven and Earth, hand-crafted mankind from clay. The exquisite glass sphere is elegantly mounted on the marble base. Not only the design itself is poetic but it is also in line with the five elements of the Chinese philosophy to describe interactions between phenomena.

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