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Eastern-inspired knives from JIA

Eastern elements and a unique modern design combine to deliver the new Sino Knife Block Collection

Through gastronomy JIA Inc. unfolds the unique modern design and cultural characteristics of the East. From the Fall-Winter 2014 a new addition to the essential Sino-Knives and Chopping Boar】for every kitchen is introduced.

Sino-Knife Block Collection is delicately designed to complement all kitchen knives and cooking tools as storage. It will elevate cooking to new heights where cuisine is no longer nourishment for the body but an art for the mind and the soul.

Natural Rhythm & Flow for the Kitchen with a View
A craftsman is only as good as his tools. Kitchen knife and chopping board are the most basic kitchen tools. The Sino-Knife Block Collection is tailor-made and includes the traditional Chinese cleaver, ceramic chef’s knife and paring knife. The functional design is neat and simple. The main component is made of all natural bamboo. With the semi-translucent matt acrylic and metal frame bring a poetic feel to the knife block and is especially designed for ceramic knife.

Sino- Universal Knife Block can store six knives of all sizes to meet the needs of modern kitchen today. The interior of Sino- Terra Cotta Holder is glazed for easy cleaning. It can be used as a plant pot once the silicone is removed from the bottom and become an organic botanic garden in the kitchen. The set of three pieces can be rearranged freely and turn into the skyline of the kitchen counter.

Cooking Essentials - Sino Knives & Chopping Board

‘Sino’ is a compact set of kitchen knives with a unique Chinese character designed to address most domestic cooking needs. The set includes a large chef’s knife and a smaller paring knife, both with advanced ceramic blades which are specifically suited for cutting and slicing without the need for regular re-sharpening. In contrast, the traditional Chinese cleaver has a durable stainless steel blade which combines the weight required for chopping with the sharpness necessary for more delicate cutting operations.

This careful consideration of materiality is further reflected in the matching double sided chopping board. Machined from laminated bamboo, it has an edge grain cutting side and an opposing end grain chopping surface which can withstand the impact of the cleaver without damaging its blade.

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