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JIA opens first store in China

The highly anticipated JIA PLUS first retail shop opened its doors in June at Shin Kong Place, Suzhou in China

The JIA PLUS first retail shop has opened on June 25th, 2015 at Shin Kong Place, Suzhou.

The brand belief of JIA PLUS at Shin Kong Suzhou branch is “Guide to Better Life”, providing unique products for kitchen, dining table, and living room and bringing selected goods to complement living space, lifestyle and travel.

A variety of collection includes prestigious brands from east to west. The first recommended is JIA Inc.-founded in Hong Kong and rooted in Taiwan. From Denmark MENU is best known for its simplicity and an inspirational brand ArchitectMade which is created by architects. The 100-year old Italian cutlery brand Italesse, leading French wine accessories brand L'Atelier du Vin, the finest German cutlery brand mono, and Taiwan’s premium lighting design brand QisDesign are also showcased in the JIA PLUS lifestyle collection.

JIA Inc. embraces the spirit of diversity and across the boundaries to design with heartfelt symbolism for home. Inviting lifestyle partners among food to entertainment sectors who believe in the same philosophy, together we create multivariate designs based on shared core values, enriching the experience of six senses.

JIA PLUS Connecting with Shin Kong Place, Suzhou
Chinese Culture Joins Hands with Scandinavian Minimalist Design
Shin Kong Place, Suzhou features a modern garden on the ground floor, designed by Taiwanese architect Ms. An Yu Qian. It derived from the journeys on the Silk Road and interprets the concept of EAST MEETS WEST with Suzhou traditional roof tiles and white wall. It is the perfect example of east and west unison, creating a contemporary retail space.

JIA PLUS provides an open space with intertwined metal bar and earth-toned wood material and the products are separated by the nature of the usage. The continuity connects one corner to another and all the elements are integrated. The two major brands, JIA Inc. and MENU are on display to present modern and innovated products.

To inaugurate the official grand opening of the first JIA PLUS, JIA Inc. is invited by Shin Kong Place to exhibit ”My Bowl & Chopsticks”, showcasing the essence of Chinese gastronomic culture. The exhibition covers from ancient China to the Present Day. ”DING Bowl” is inspired by the oldest cookware bronze Ding in ancient China. “EMPTINESS Bowl” is based on the minimalism derived from Chinese Taoism. “Winter Poem Plum Blossom Bowl” is a poetic design traced back to the Sung Dynasty. “RICE Bowl” is crafted with traditional Chinese porcelain technique dated back to the Ming Dynasty. “Tableaux Bowl” is multifunctional and suits the needs of modern dining.

“Good Things Come in Pairs Norm & Nest” are versatile and environmentally friendly. “FUDO” is designed by Japanese master Masayuki Kurokawa and taken the Lacquer-ware to the origin of simplicity. “KKINI” is inspired by traditional Korean Dolsot stone bowl for bimbimbap to reinterpret the warmest and the fondest memories of family meals.

During the soft launch (June 19 to July 5) JIA PLUS has a special promotion for the award – winning ”JIA Inc. Steamer Set” and “JIA Inc. Governor-Greedy Mandarin Tea Set”. Any first time shopper who spends at least RMB1,000 will automatically be granted JIA PLUS membership, saving 5% from each purchase. Please come join us at the kingdom of JIA PLUS!

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