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Julia Knight introduces gold finished flowers

Designer Julia Knight has given her floral garden a luxurious makeover with gold finished flowers and opulent enamel interiors

Designer Julia Knight’s ( floral garden has a luxurious addition: gold finished flowers with opulent enamel interiors. Roses and Lilies take on a fine shine with their high-wattage Gold finish and vibrant enamel colours of Pomegranate, Snow and Kiwi. Arrange these gold-plated beauties in a table bouquet that sparkles with perfection.

Julia Knight’s collections are inspired by many things, especially her travels, “growing up in New York and Paris, traveling to Saint-Tropez, Istanbul, South Beach, Aspen and points in between, I fell in love with the global tapestry of colours, themes and spirit,” Knight explains. “Integrating function and style, I revel in turning things we use every day into beautiful and enduring lifestyle statements. I want Julia Knight to be a venue for what I stand for and believe in: beautifully handcrafted designs using only the best natural materials and the highest style. I strive to make my pieces timeless with an element of elegance and a fresh twist.”

Knight’s serveware and table accessories are crafted from a combination of the ancient art of sand-cast aluminium and a hand-painted pearlised enamel with a trademark infusion of crushed Mother of Pearl to give each piece beauty, texture, shimmer and depth.

Julia Knight products are food safe and FDA safety tested to meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, each piece is crafted to withstand hot and cold food. To preserve the look and function of each Julia Knight piece, handwash after each use. They never need polishing.

The Julia Knight Collection ( is available at Bloomingdale’s and hundreds of U.S. specialty stores as well as internationally in 35 countries.

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