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Kevin Glancy unveils new showroom

Industry leaders attend Immerse 17 to celebrate Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett showroom launch

More than 150 leading figures in the world of superyachts, private aviation and luxury residences attended Immerse 17 at Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett’s headquarters in Manchester, UK, to celebrate the launch of the spectacular new 8,000 sq ft showroom.

Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett led personal tours of the showroom during the three-day Immerse 17 event (7th-9th June), where a 25 metre on-site marquee played host to globally renowned artisans who showcased their rare crafts.

Attendees watched live demonstrations from brands including Robbe & Berking, Moser, Royal Crown Derby, Mirabel Slabbinck, Begg & Co., Weft Design and Saint-Louis. English sparkling wine producer Ridgeview was on hand to serve fine wine alongside a variety of food including Indian, cooked from an authentic tandoor oven.

Inside, the new showroom has undergone a six-figure investment and months of careful planning. More than 2,600 plates, 1,000 crystal glasses and 3,000 pieces of linen are displayed in the stunning new space and this vast collection of the world’s finest pieces cannot be found under one roof anywhere else in the world.

Kevin Glancy, company founder, says: “For the first time in our shared 30-year history, we made the decision to temporarily close the showroom in order to complete this ambitious re-fit. The incredible reception it received at Immerse 17 proved that the time, effort and expense was worthwhile and we were so proud to open our doors to suppliers, clients and friends, old and new.”

Jonathan Fawcett, company founder, said; “The Immerse 17 event was a huge success and a perfect opportunity for our clients to see the wonderful skills demonstrated by the globally renowned artisans we work with, who flew in from countries all over the world to join us for this important occasion. Many of these craftspeople are using techniques that have been honed and perfected over centuries, so it was fascinating to see their work come to life in our very own headquarters.”

For the first time, the sister companies are now offering lighting as part of their complete outfitting service, with an array of stunning chandeliers are on display in the new showroom.

Other notable pieces on display in the showroom and gallery space include limited editions of Lalique glass, designed by the late Zaha Hadid, as well as the world’s first tea humidor, crafted by Lotusier.

The design of the new showroom allows clients to complete an entire outfitting project in just one day, unlike anywhere else. Visitors are guided through the showroom’s dedicated spaces, starting with the vast collection of plates from the world’s finest brands, followed by a display of thousands of cutlery options housed in bespoke cabinets.

Once these elements have been selected, the visitor is taken to the crystal room and can choose glassware and lighting. They are then presented with beautiful table linens, towels, bed linen, fur and cashmere throws and cushions to complete the project. Accessories, artwork and finishing touches are displayed in the gallery space, which includes names such as Vlastimil Beranek & Hamish Mackie.

Jason Hales, sales director, Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett, says: “Our two sister companies are working together more closely than ever before and the new space truly symbolises this harmony.

“We constantly strive to provide the best possible service and finest products, and we are confident that our showroom reflects this commitment to perfection, which is shared by the team at Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett. We are looking forward to showcasing this to those visiting our headquarters during the months and years to come.”

Those unable to attend Immerse 17 can arrange a personal tour of the showroom at a later date to suit, by contacting

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