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Kitchenware International debuts

Download the launch edition of Tableware International's sister publication Kitchenware International on digital platform Issuu

Here at Tableware International Towers, we are pleased to announce that the debut edition of Kitchenware International has launched alongside the June issue of Tableware International and is now downloadable both online at and on digital platform Issue -

Kitchenware International is our brand new publication, which like its big sister publication Tableware International is global and will be delivered to all the major department stores, multi-brand tableware, cookware and homeware stores, as well as independent cooking and dining stores.

And like its big sister publication too, Kitchenware International will deliver all the latest news, views and reviews, but with a focus on kitchenware - on everything from cookware and storage products, to utensils and food prep tools. We will also feature retail interviews, industry expert advice and product and category-specific features.

In our first-ever Kitchenware International issue - downloadable now at - we feature an overview of Chicago kitchenware retailer The Chopping Block as well as retailer interviews with French, Singaporean and Greek kitchenware retail chains.

We also investigate how today's health-conscious consumers are impacting the kitchenware industry - what products they are demanding and which manufacturers are delivering; and we deliver investigative reports on the cookware category and the coffee category and present the latest launches in each.

Finally, we deliver the latest industry and retail news and spotlight Food Storage products that fuse functionality and fashion.

The debut issue of Kitchenware International is now available to download online at and on digital publishing platform Issuu at

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