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New knives from Rousselon Dumas – Sabatier

Created of 100 per cent forged steel Perigord knives, the new range of Périgord knives comprises 8 kitchen knives including a steak knife

The alliance of forged stainless steel and walnut meets the requirements of both amateur and professional cooks looking for authenticity with no compromise on style.

This range is so-called ‘100% forged’ because each knife is created from one piece of metal and is not welded.

The metal is first heated at its core to make a compressed ball (bolster). Then the entire piece is heated to 1,000°C. Incandescent, it is then flattened in a tool into the definitive bolster shape using the weight and strength of a sledgehammer (2,000 to 4,000kg/metre).

Similarly, the remainder of the metal bar is also compressed making two flat sections on either side of the bolster: the blade and the tang. Result: a solid, massive utensil made from one piece. Punch-cut into the finished shape for the blade and tang (stamped), the knife then follows the traditional phases of manufacture and finish: grinding, polishing, assembly and sharpening for the best possible cutting edge.

Created in 1852, Rousselon was originally based in Lyon. In 1882 it acquired the brand 32 Dumas, then owned by the Dumas family, cutlery makers in Thiers since 1652. In 1991, Pascale Sol‐Bruchon, representing the 5th generation in this family business, acquired the Lion Sabatier brand. Today, Rousselon Dumas‐Sabatier generates around 40 per cent of its revenue in exports.

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