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La Vie en Rose revived

French porcelain producer La Vie En Rose creates a new colourful collection Artwork under its brand Site Corot for the first time in 30 years

Launched in 1984 with American designer Bill Goldsmith as the creative director, Site Corot, the brand of porcelain producer La Vie en Rose, flouted conventions and delighted customers from Mick Jagger to Buckingham Palace.

The Florida collection created by American designer Bill Goldsmith in 1984 is one of the first collections from the Site Corot brand. The timeless graphics have ensured its appeal has lasted decades. The tribal-inspired patterns still appear today like an invitation on an adventurous journey.

This collection is still available in nine colours that can be mixed and matched according to mood and season: green, blue, red, black, orange, brown, celadon green, grey and peacock blue.

Somewhat dormant for a decade or so, the brand was recently relaunched when brothers Aymeric and Ronan Pailler were appointed as creative directors in 2012.

They have designed the Artwork collection, which is directly inspired by Site Corot's workshop where pieces are painted by hand. It evokes the craftsman's precise gestures as he uses pigments and brushes on the white porcelain.

The pattern comes in four colours: ochre, plum, blue and black. It can also be made in other colours on request.

About La Vie en Rose
La Vie en Rose is a porcelain producer that manufactures Limoges porcelain boxes and a range of tableware under the brand Site Corot.;

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