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La Cafetiere unveils premium range

The coffee specialist has given its finest and bestselling pieces a luxurious makeover with the new premium Gold Edited collection

Coffee earns a luxury makeover with this new premium Edited collection, taking La Cafetière’s finest models and bringing them together with one prestigious look using the newest on-trend metallic.

Stunning brushed gold is combined with brushed chrome elements and minimalist product shapes for a premium look that will sit like an understated trophy in dad’s collection.

Including cafetière and stove top coffee makers, this collection focuses on authentic, slow-brew processes to maximise the development of flavour and the enjoyment of every sip.

La Cafetiere has captured the sophisticated flavours of coffee for over 50 years and today continues to explore ever-sophisticated and evolving coffee trends. La Cafetière brings the authentic coffee experience and barista-style coffee into the comfort of the home.

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