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Laguiole celebrates 30th anniversary

French knife brand Forge de Laguiole is treating itself to a few grains of Mont Saint-Michel sand for its 30th anniversary

This year, Forge de Laguiole is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and is commemorating this with Mont Saint-Michel through an exceptional design - the knife with a sand handle.

Combining tradition and innovation, the handle of this knife consists of sand taken from the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and agglomerated with a resin. This sand is taken in tiny quantities, approved by the regional authorities, in heavily sanded areas, without impacting the environment.

This unique process, developed in partnership with Jerome Saysset of the Murs du Monde company (, is a genuine first in this history of international cutlery. 

Founded in 1987, Forge de Laguiole's philosophy is to combine tradition with design, and works with designers such as Philippe Starck, Ancree Putman, Ora-Ito, among others. All knives are made in the village of Laguiole where the eponymous knife was created over 200 years ago. /

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