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A modern touch

French cutlery brand Forge de Laguiole brings a modern touch to its knives with a matt finish

Alongside its renowned brilliant finish, French flatware brand Forge de Laguiole now offers a matt finish for its Collection and Tradition ranges.

This matte finish brings a modern touch to the traditional Laguiole knives with handles in horn, bone and even antler.

The knives have a fixed blade, a finely decorated tang and of course the bee, the symbol of a Laguiole knife. There are two bolsters, also matt‐finished, on either side of the handle.

Like all knives from Forge de Laguiole, it is also possible to customise these table models by engraving a name or logo on the matt‐finished blade.

About Forge de Laguiole
Established in 1987, the Forge de Laguiole cutlery firm has as its philosophy the association of creativity and tradition. It works with many different designers, including Philippe Starck, Andrée Putman, Ora‐Ito, Jean‐Michel Wilmotte and more. All Forge de Laguiole knives are hand‐crafted in the village of Laguiole where the knife of the same name was created over 200 years ago. The firm generates around 70% of its revenue in exports.
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