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La Rochere reveals new styles

French glassworks La Rochere has unveiled new contemporary styles in ice-cream cups

Since the mechanisation of the glassworks in the 1970s, La Rochere has established itself as a key player in the ice-cream cup market. And recently it has revealed new contemporary styles in this category.

The whirlwind design of the Spirit cup (pictured) draws you into an emotional culinary experience - a spectacular extravagance for this tall cup in pressed glass.

The Baikal low cup can be used to serve starters or desserts. Its facets create a thousand reflections to enhance sweet or savoury dishes. The design is both simple and generous.

Finally, the Bubble collection has been extended. Several versions of the new cup were already available: in transparent or satin glass, in transparent coloured glass or transparent glass with textured patterns. For festivities, it has been decorated with three opaque metallic finishes - silver, gold and copper.

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