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Gibson inspired by the past

Mixing the past with the present, Gibson Overseas introduces the new Laurie Gates Byzantium dinnerware collection

Industry leader Gibson Overseas continues to bring fresh, fashion-forward designs to the table with the introduction of the new Laurie Gates Byzantium dinnerware collection which seamlessly merges designs from ancient mosaics with contemporary features like a soft  square silhouette.

“The latest home fashions are taking inspiration from antiquity. Styles of the past are being mixed with modern elements to create a look that is ornate yet accessible,” Laurie Gates Gibson’s VP of creative and merchandising said.

Items in the Byzantium collection are made of fine ceramic and feature intricate debossed patterns  finished in a beautiful reactive glaze that comes in brick, plum, cobalt and sage colors. The soft  square silhouette is beautifully bordered by a hand-painted metallic gold- coloured rim.

The Byzantium collection will include dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and mugs sold in both sets and open stock.

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