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Libbey elevates craft beer

Create a customer experience that drives sales with the right glassware, say Libbey Foodservice

Craft beer continues to soar in popularity. According to the American Brewers Association, craft beer sales rose 18 per cent by volume and 22 per cent in dollars in 2014 and market share hit double digits for the first time.

This thirst for craft beer represents a significant opportunity for restaurants and bars. Differentiate your craft beer service with new glassware from Libbey® Foodservice.

“Having the right glass for the right beer is good for business,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “Beer-specific glassware maximizes the aromas and flavors of craft beer while also enhancing perceived value, which drives increased profit per serving.”

The Craft Beer glass is ideal for highlighting the attributes of many styles of beer, from an IPA to a stout. The graceful contours of the glass make it easy to hold while the narrow top captures aromas, enhancing the flavor of craft beer. To fully release the fruity, spicy aromas of wheat varieties, the Wheat Beer glass features a rounded top to accommodate the fluffy head, and a curved design to enhance the presentation. Its wide base makes the glass stable for use in restaurants and bars.

The Hard Cider Taster combines the popularity of hard cider and beverage tastings. The striking contours of the glass were insightfully designed to optimise the palate for hard ciders and mimic the natural and familiar shape of an apple.

“The glassware designed for craft beer augments the customer experience as well as the establishment’s reputation as a craft beer expert, helping to drive sales,” Dountas added.

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