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Libbey in high spirits

With artisan and small batch spirits in growth, Libbey Foodservice launches new glassware to match

Recent data from Technomic shows craft, artisan and small batch spirits are far from a passing fad.

Libbey® Foodservice understands how to properly serve spirits and provides a comprehensive range of glassware that inspires creativity for masterful presentations. 

The new Carats Beverage Glass and Aspen Longdrink will add eye-catching appeal to signature spirits.

“The design and shape of glassware is integral in presenting a signature drink,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc. “The right glass can elevate the value of signature cocktails providing presentations worthy of a premium price point.”

"Spirits have the highest potential to drive differentiation for a restaurant concept, especially unique drink creations not available elsewhere.” – Technomic

With a retro-inspired cut glass look and heavy weight, the Carats Beverage Glass is ideal for spirits served on the rocks. This elegant glass is available in a 14 oz. size, allowing ample room for ice. The Carats Stirring Glass also features the stunning cut glass design. Its large 25¼ oz. capacity accommodates two cocktails and offers a functional grip and pour spout.

The Nachtmann Aspen Longdrink crystal glass is the epitome of elegance with graceful, vertical facets around the perimeter for premium beverage presentation. Its 10½ oz. capacity offers limitless potential for beverages served on the rocks. The brilliance and clarity of the crystal combined with its heavy weight will enhance the perceived value of cocktails.

To discover more spirits-specific glassware, as well as specific glassware/drinkware for everything from wine to champagne to beer, see the next issue of Tableware International (May/June 2015) - due out end of March.

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