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Libbey unveils Infinium Wake collection

Presented at Chicago’s NRA, Infinium Wake is the latest pattern from Libbey’s premium plastic drink ware collection

Unveiled at the recently-held NRA in Chicago, Wake, the newest pattern from Libbey’s premium plastic drinkware collection, adds new dimensions of appeal to elevate casual environments.
Featuring a unique organic texture that hides possible scratches, each piece in the Wake pattern is stackable for efficiency and convenient storage. Its thoughtful design includes notches on the bottom to optimize water draining and prevent pooling. 
Along with Wake, Libbey has expanded its already versatile Infinium line to include new shapes, sizes and patterns that serve up even more experiences. 

Each product in the Infinium collection retains its beauty and durability longer than acrylic, SAN or polycarbonate. Appealing looks and enduring strength make Infinium the perfect choice for foodservice venues where plastic is preferred, including pools, cruise ships, outdoor dining and nightclubs.

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