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Libbey brings organic elegance to the table

With its hammered texture and high-shine look, the World Tablewawre Sonoran Collection by Libbey Foodservice offers a contemporary look

Considering the amount of time guests spend at a table, the tabletop serves as a foundation for restaurateurs to craft a memorable experience for their customers.

Whether it’s a casual or fine dining venue, the popular World® Tableware Sonoran collection by Libbey® Foodservice provides an organic contemporary enhancement to any tabletop.

“The hammered metal tray and bowls add an exceptional accent to the tabletop," said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey Inc.

“The high-polished stainless steel not only enhances the look of the table but can add new inspiration for presenting signature appetizers, sides and desserts. Due to its popularity, we’re already on the lookout for ways to expand the collection to include an array of striking bar accessories.”

Incorporating signature elements on the table, particularly in different materials, such as metal, adds an unexpected and distinguishing flair to the dining experience.

Crafted with high-quality type 304 stainless steel, the Sonoran collection includes hammered bowls with handles, double-walled hammered bowls and round trays. Hand hammered to a rich finish, the serving pieces combine beauty with strength and durability.

Available in four sizes, both styles of bowls will provide a distinctive way to feature any menu item. To save valuable space, the bowls nest for efficient storage. The round trays with hammered rim are available in two sizes. With an accompanying black mat, the trays will make a striking presentation.

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