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Libbey launches new Glass Master Bartender’s Guide

America’s Glassmaker since 1818, Libbey Foodservice debuts new glassware and a barware guide to help operators take presentations to new heights

Libbey Foodservice is taking its mastery of glass to a new level, with new glassware offerings that elevate presentations of signature spirits from whiskey, artisan liquor and cocktails with fresh ingredients. New glassware offerings include the Aruba Collection, the Samba Collection and the Optiva Collection. See below for descriptions of these new glassware offerings.

In addition to such offerings, Libbey has created a resource guide to help bartenders select the right glass for the right beverage.

“At Drumbar, we run a very innovative cocktail program with about 45 different cocktails on our menu,” said Alex Renshaw, head bartender and beverage director at Drumbar in Chicago. “A lot of it has to do with glassware. The right glass really helps to highlight new trends.”

Selecting the right glass for the right spirit isn’t always as clear as pairing the right stemware to a varietal of wine. To help make glassware selection easier, Libbey’s new Glass Master™ Bartender’s Guide offers expert insights guiding the choice of glass that brings out the full flavor and aroma for the signature cocktails and spirits, wine and beer being served.

“Inspiration for a signature drink menu naturally extends to beverage presentation,” said Susan J. Dountas, director of foodservice marketing for Libbey. “The design and shape of the glass is key in creating a signature drink that appeals to all of the senses.”

Aruba Collection
Made from handcrafted, artisanal glass, Aruba is available in shooter, rocks, cocktail and martini designs. The Aruba collection offers the right glass for a variety of signature drinks, and its cobalt blue foot and rim add a bold highlight and tropical finesse to beverage presentation.

Samba Collection
The new Samba glass helps owners/operators tap into the growing craft and premium spirit market. Its hourglass design allows a spirit to evaporate, enhancing its complex aromas. The distinctive shape expands this glass’s versatility from neat to on-the-rocks spirits. “There is a big boom in the scotch and bourbon culture,” said Renshaw. “Libbey has the perfect glassware to display a neat pour of whiskey and really capture the aromatics without over pouring.”

Optiva Collection
Libbey combines stunning presentation and convenience with its new stackable Optiva™ glasses. Optiva is available in sizes from rocks glasses to coolers, offering the right glass for each occasion while also conserving space. The collection features a beautiful square stacking design that allows airflow and adds attractiveness to any beverage.

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