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Celebrate Alice with Lladro

Spanish porcelain brand Lladro delivers an imaginative range of handmade pieces celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland

As children (and adults) across the world celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Caroll's classic, 'Alice in Wonderland', it's the perfect opportunity to create a display of such a fantasy in your store.

In 2009, Lladro presented its version of Alice sitting next to the White Rabbit on the Queen of Hearts' throne. Since then, the porcelain experts have collaborated with international artists ranging from Jamie Hayon to Paul Smith, as well as Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup and Bodo Sperlain to create eye-catching pieces that capture the imagination.

Every Lladro piece is handcrafted and painted at its headquarters in Spain. Each original piece is meticulously crafted using a process that is unique to the brand, with thorough consideration throughout the design and production process.

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