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Loveramics extends Er-go!

The highly successful Eg-go! collection from Loveramics has been extended in collaboration with food artists delivering a creative system of objects

Renowned for its contemporary ceramics that are functional, fun and affordable, the Hong Kong-based Loveramics brand originally debuted with tableware collection, Er-go!

Designed by award-winning designer Simon Stevens, Er-go! has since provided a real freshness to the contemporary food scene and can be found being used around the world in prestige hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, by artisanal chefs as well as by everyday consumers in their homes.

This year, Loveramics has collaborated with food artists for a creative process that adds a new dimension to Er-go! collection. Together, they have created a System of objects that lets users be creative with the brand. 

The System allows users to combine multiple pieces together giving them unlimited combinations in order to deliver any food dish they could possibly imagine. With Er-go! System the only limit is your imagination.

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